Product name: Donau PAC

Decolorisation, Drinking Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment

Water, Utilities & Services, Pools
The Donau PAC family includes products on the basis of polyaluminium chlorides in different qualities:

Product Chemical Formula Active Substances Description
Donau PAC activis  (Al (OH)xCl3-x)m 3,3mol/kg basic polyaluminium chloride
our standard product of the Donau PAC family
Donau PAC calzifloc  (Al (OH)xCl3-x)m 1,5mol/kg high basic polyaluminium chloride
for an excellent flocculation
Donau PAC Venezia (Al (OH)xCl3-x)m 1,5mol/kg high basic polyaluminium chloride
for a fast reaction and large flocs

These products just represent a selection of our extensive product portfolio. Other products upon request – you are welcome to ask for our support.  

If you are interested in further information please refer to the website of the water technology division.

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